Rechargeable emergency light


Rechargeable High-bright
And Energy-saving Automatic
Emergency Lamp

Light Sources EL560:7PCS+49PCS LED
EL860: 2PCS 0.5W LED + 84PCS LED
Built-in Battery Sealed lead acid rechargeable
battery: 6V4Ah
Input power AC22V or AC110V
Charg ing Time 20-24 Hours
Duration Time
(At full charge)
EL560: 7pcs LED: 70Hrs, 49pcs LED: 30Hrs
EL860: 2pcs 0.5W LED: 75Hrs, 86pcs LED: 25Hrs
Built-in Transformer with overcharging protect circuit.
Auto-light when AC power fails. With Charging Indicator
Can be Wall-mounted or Hand-carried